Welcome to Singh Family Loft!  My name is Harmeet Singh and I am a true animal lover at heart with a passion for homing pigeons. My love for animals began at an early age as I experienced unconditional love and loyalty from them.  I was greatly influenced by my father's involvement with competitive Bull Racing in India and his natural ability to connect with and select animals, which I believe I inherited from him.

My interest peaked into the hobby while driving to and from school and work as I observed a flock of pigeons flying around the neighborhood.  As I watched them maneuver with meticulous skill in the sky, I would be overcome with a sense of peace that I had not experienced at the time while dealing with the stresses of everyday life. So, I tracked the birds to a house, spoke with the owner, and learned they were homing pigeons.  I came home, did my research, and I was blown away when I learned about their ability to find their way home from such great distances.  It had to be the sheer love and loyalty of their mate, home, and their keeper that drove them to accomplish such a feat...I thought to myself.

So, I built a small loft and got a few birds to enjoy as a hobby.  As I began learning more and more about their abilities, I got seriously involved with the competitive sport of pigeon racing.  I spared no expense and bought from the best lofts and tested each and every bird.  I raced with great results with the very skilled and competent members of the Tule Pigeon Club and North Road Combine.  I currently dabble in the One Loft Races with success at the Hoosier Classic, Breeders Fall Classic, Blue Bucket Stampede, Winner Cup, San Francisco Bay Area Triple Crown, America’s International Challenge, High Desert Yearling Classic, Apple Cup, Gold Country Challenge, & American Grand National.

I have honed my skills as a breeder and racer through involvement with the sport since 2008, my natural ability to select great stock, ability to research, learn, and apply what I have learned.   I keep an open mind as I continue to learn every day.

I strongly believe in improving the breed through genetic and performance selection as well as the betterment of the sport as a whole by offering quality stock. I want people to be successful in the sport and for this reason I only offer birds that I believe have the potential to breed winners and become foundation stock for the new owners.  Keep in mind that not every bird is going to breed winners, but selecting for certain traits does improve your chances.  Therefore, I select for those traits that I have personally witnessed in my own super breeders over and over again to give you the best chance of success.  However, in the end, it should be the results in the basket that should determine if a bird continues to earn a spot in your breeding loft without any consideration to price, pedigree, or the breeder. 

Preference of certain traits and selection criteria matter to me and not everyone is going to have the same preferences so, for that reason, all our birds come with a no-questions money back guarantee. If upon arrival you do not like them for any reason then just notify me within 24 hours, provide proper care for the bird until in your possession, and send them back to us the following week.  It’s that simple. 

So, give us and our birds a chance as they not only win for us, but for our friends and customers as well.